Dutch police force wants to hire hundreds of IT experts


The police want to hire hundreds of new IT experts. This is necessary because society is becoming increasingly digital, and there is an increase in cybercrime. Money is needed for the plan. The police are asking for 300 million euros from the cabinet.

The requested money is needed to bring in 460 additional full-time employees over the next four years. But just a big bag of money is not enough, the police tell news source ANP.

The police force will also have to pull out all the stops themselves to attract those people. There is a huge shortage of highly trained IT personnel in the Netherlands, and companies are competing to get them in-house, with generous salaries and hefty bonuses.

“Exciting and challenging”
Theo van der Plas, responsible for digitization at the police, says that it is about meaningful work, in which “much more is allowed than with a regular company.” That is why, according to Van der Plas, it is an “exciting and challenging” opportunity.